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Dandelion Honey
Good Morning Honey Liquid Honey - 500gGood Morning Honey Liquid Honey - 500g

Dandelion Honey


The flavour, texture, and colour of honey depends on what the bees have foraged on, and dandelion is the first floral source for the bees in late spring. Dandelion honey has a lingering flowery taste and a beautiful caramel texture. We love it in our tea, in savoury dishes, or on a fresh slice of sourdough bread!

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Dandelions are one of the first natural sources of nectar for bees in the spring. The honey that they produce from this flower has a thick caramel texture and beautiful floral taste! Try it in your tea, on cheese or add it to your favourite savoury recipe. You can also try it in this delicious Homemade Honey Iced Tea recipe!

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